The Greater Portland Economic Development Corporation (GPEDC) links private, educational and public institutions in pursuit of sustainable economic prosperity on behalf of the communities of Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Portland, Scarborough, South Portland and Westbrook.

The mission of GPEDC is to grow and develop a sustainable economy through the establishment of a regional economic development organization, organized and managed by a board of directors. GPEDC will develop a sustainable economy through increasing the retention and attraction of businesses, entrepreneurs and skilled workers. Additionally, GPEDC’s purpose is to foster growth in industrial, manufacturing, fishing, agricultural, recreational, and other business enterprises within the greater Portland region, for either business retention or attraction. Lastly, as a duly incorporated organization, the GPEDC has the same rights, powers, and privileges of other corporations similarly organized and existing under the laws of the State of Maine.


Incorporated in early 2011, GPEDC is the result of a directive made by the Metro Coalition, a group comprised of mayors and city managers representing six Greater Portland communities.

In November 2009 the Metro Coalition directed the establishment of GPEDC for the express purpose of furthering economic development opportunities for the six communities. A subcommittee was established, with representatives of Falmouth, Portland, Scarborough, South Portland, Westbrook, the Portland Regional Chamber, the Southern Maine Education Alliance, the County, and the Greater Portland Council of Governments. This Subcommittee met a number of times to create the draft documents establishing GPEDC.

While GPEDC is a newly formed organization, cooperation for economic development has a solid foundation among the communities. Such cooperation included legislative advocacy for the region on the State’s Pine Tree Development Zone (PTDZ), an informal adoption of business recruitment and retention protocols and joint participation in attraction marketing at trade shows.

The success with informal cooperation for economic development, paved the way for each of the six communities to adopt the resolution supporting GPEDC’s incorporation.